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The use of glass paint -- glass paint selection method

Date : 2018.09.04

Specific transparency

Most excellent paint brands in China provide product template experience in exclusive stores. Consumers observe the transparency of the model, high transparency of the paint luster moving, can highlight the natural texture of wood, can be a good decoration of wood, so that wood more exquisite and beautiful. Those with white and dark paint must be poor quality products.


Good paint has high hardness, good scratch resistance, and is not easy to scrape flowers. It can protect wood very well. Consumers can try to scratch nails or paper back and forth on the surface of the model. Good paint surface is smooth and non-destructive, while low hardness paint will appear obvious scratches, affecting the appearance and life of wood.

Touch the sample

Is it good paint, you can know it by touching it. Good paint has a high solid content, full and smooth feel, delicate and smooth, and poor quality paint because of low solid content, even if brushed many times still feel brittle film thin, paint containing impurities will also have a clear sense of granularity.

Specific yellowing resistance

Yellowing resistance is an important indicator of paint performance, poor yellowing resistance paint lead to furniture discoloration, aging, which is particularly obvious in white and light paint. The two paint with strong ultraviolet radiation, the poorer the paint yellow, the faster it becomes.